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Being green is an everyday consideration for European brands. European companies are often the world leaders in ecological saving investments. As a result, there are more patents relating to environmental sustainability in Europe than anywhere else in the world.

European standards for sustainability can be used as a marketing tool for success, but European brands lack the strong communication and sales strategies in the US market that American brands achieve, and thus cannot compete. Marco Aldag researches strategies found in Europe, such as ecological investments, can be applied to brands worldwide, working towards the goal of increasing efficiency and minimizing the investment costs for trade, marketing and sales.

Marco Aldag is currently based in New York. After 15 years working in the celebrity journalism business in Europe, he needed a change. In 1999, he created his own production company, producing celebrity content for European television, radio, and print media. The radio and TV spot “Highlights of the Week” still reaches 102 Radio stations (7 Million listeners), 24 TV Outlets (3.8 Million viewers)

The development of his own TV Programs “2Inspire” shows, how Celebrities remodel their own apartments with the help of Marco. The enormous Expertise about green living, green sustainable building changed his own goals for life.

In October 2011, Marco will be releasing his first book published by the Finanzbuch Verlag, Munich, titled “Endlich Meins!” (Finally Mine!), about finding an affordable property through renovation and original green ideas.